Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Blog Reads

I love finding new blog reads. A few days ago I had some new visitors who were kind enough to leave a message and a link to their blogs. Since I follow mostly food blogs, it's always nice to find some new "style and fashion" ones to check out. Both of these girls are adorable and I love their great sense of fashion. Feel free to check them out when you have a chance!

The Queen City Style is a mother of two who has a fun and playful style, and I absolutely love her hair.
She takes risks that I could never pull off, and has the most enviable work-out clothes. Really fun blog!

Pearls & Paws is the second blog. Hello, classic style AND dogs- a perfect combination. Heather has an easy, accessible style with a few fun twists (like how she wears that gorgeous purple scarf.) I also envy her mile long legs...must be nice! Would trade closets with her any day.

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