Friday, August 17, 2012

August Birchbox

One of the few nice things about coming home from vacation is that I was greeted by not one, but TWO boxes from Birchbox. I ordered the Harvey Prince Hello perfume (so yummy!) and I got my August Birchbox.

This month's theme is "Beauty School", and there was a cute accordion style pamphlet included in the box with lots of great beauty tips and tricks. I was not blown away with this month's box (I seriously don't need any more perfume samples), but there were a few things that I absolutely love!

I'm going to list the items in order of preference:

Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Blue Copper 5 Firming Elasticity Repair ($58 for 30 ml): Surely a product with a name that long means that it's going to work miracles, right? I can honestly say that from the first night I put this on my face (immediately after washing), I could feel it working. It's a plumping night cream that is meant to repair damage and rebuild collagen- and they aren't lying about the plumping part. My skin felt so soft and supple with that stuff on. It's just a little bit thick, but not the least big gooey. I have a policy against spending this much money of a face cream, but this one might actually be worth it. I'm going to use it every night until the sample runs out, and I'll make my final decision then.

Beauty Fixation Tinted Lip Moisturizer ($5 for 24 applications): I should preface this by admitting that I'm a total chapstick junkie. (and by chapstick- I don't mean the brand, just a tube of any stuff for your lips). I can't sleep without it, and probably apply some form of lip stuff at least every hour of the day. So this adorable little compact is just perfect for me. My only beef with the individual applicators is that it's a little too much for one application. I don't think there's a way to store the wand for later without all the stuff seeping out. But it's a nifty q-tip looking applicator with perfectly tinted hydrating mix of oils inside. It's a little bit of wonderful, and I will definitely be purchasing a few boxes to keep next to the bed. For $5 each, this is one of the best deals I've found on Birchbox.

Schick Hydro Silk Razor ($9.99): I have been a little cheap when it comes to buying razors lately, and the knicks on my legs say it's definitely time to invest in something better. So the timing couldn't have been more perfect for a nice new razor. I used it this morning, and it glided smoothly over my knees, without a single knick to speak of. The package also came with a coupon for razor refills, which I will gladly purchased. I know nice razors can be expensive, but this one definitely seems worth the money.

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur ($70 for 2.5 oz): I have received a perfume sample in every single Birchbox I've gotten. I would much rather have gotten the Beauty Blender sponge instead of another perfume sample. I already found (and purchased) one that I fell in love with- I wish there was a way to get that message to them. This one isn't bad, but my nose needs a rest.

Caldrea Hand Soap in Basil Blue Sage ($10.50 for 10.8 oz): Hand-soap, meh. Nothing to really get excited about. I haven't opened the samples yet, so I can't comment on the smell. But if I need soap, I'll just buy it at the store.

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