Monday, October 29, 2012

Out and About: Revival

My parents were the first to tell us about this place, and we finally made it over there to get some pumpkins on Saturday afternoon. Revival brands itself as Furniture. Gifts. Vintage. That's an accurate description, but the actual place is so much more. From the road it looks pretty small. But once you get inside, and then out through the back, it turns into this playground of beautiful things.

A super nice, young couple owns it, and they have big plans for expanding it into a real shopping destination. Basically, they have traveled all over and collected old "things". They refinish much of the furniture, but they also leave enough of it up to your imagination. The chandeliers and old doors were probably my favorite.

A line up of some of the old doors. The turquoise one is my favorite!

Hank checking out the really cool old doors.  I'd love to find a way to use one of these.

The building in the back of the property where much of the refinishing work takes place.

The main reason why were were there was to pick out some fun pumpkins. My parents got a great assortment, and I hadn't really seen a place that had much of a variety. Lucky for us, all pumpkins were 50% off. We ended up taking home 6 pumpkins of various shapes and sizes. I loved that their pumpkin patch was spread out throughout the property, and there were so many great decorating ideas that we were able to take away too.

Crystal chandeliers and pumpkins.

Such a fun decorating idea for next year,

More pumpkins cleverly displayed.

It's hard to see, but these are branches that were spray painted black, and have netting hung over it to look like a web. Looks so easy!

My sister saw this picture and called my outfit "granny gone wrong." Note to self, long bulky sweaters must be worn with skinny pants.

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