Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Adventures in Kitty Fostering: The Art of Cat Naps

My older cat Bailey is no stranger to napping. In fact, she's a master at it! So it's no surprise that the kitties looked to her for guidance in how to do it properly. She has her favorite chair, and that is where most naps occur during the day. It was her chair at my apartment, and it's still her chair at the new house. She shares it with no one, until now.....

On Sunday, I was in the kitchen for most of the afternoon. The kitties were running amuck in the house and wore themselves out. Meanwhile, Bailey was keeping me company while napping in her favorite chair. I peeked over at her just in time to see this happen:

Bess decides to join Bailey in her chair.

Not one to be left out, Bernard quickly followed, and settled in next to Bailey.

She was less thrilled to have the company, and buried her head to ignore it. I could not get over how ridiculously cute the whole thing was, though. And I certainly appreciate her being willing to tolerate them for a nap. It's great socialization for the kitties, and they both seem to look to her as if she really is their mom. Of course, the fact that Bess is her doppelgänger just makes it that much cuter! Unfortunately, both kitties seemed to realize what a great nap chair it is, and decided to hog it last night. No worries though- Bailey cuddled with us on the couch and everyone stayed happy.

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