Monday, October 22, 2012

Home Improvement

I took a much needed 4 day weekend, and feel so relaxed and rested now. On Friday, I literally spent 6 hours straight in the kitchen, working on the "Tinkerbell" cake and cupcakes. On Saturday, I ran 8 miles, took my foster kitten to an adoption event (she was adopted!!), and then drove down to San Marcos with Hank for the birthday party (see previous post). So a day of rest today was well deserved. I slept in a little bit, made a quick trip to the grocery store, and then spent some quality time out in the yard with Hank making things look not so dead.

We had a hot, dry summer, so we had some cleaning up to do. Last weekend I made a soup using 3 types of squash, and decided to plant the seeds into one of our beds. They took, and have already started sprouting, so I was motivated to add a few more things. I planted broccoli and brussels sprouts, and Hank did his best to Marley-proof them with some iron fencing(the Beagle will eat just about anything).

Brussels Sprouts front left, with 3 types of squash in other rows. I know- I need new soil for the rest of the bed.

Broccoli, with rigged fencing to hopefully keep Marley out. She ate all the broccoli plants the last time I planted some.

In the front, we finally filled in an empty pot that was driving me nuts, and then added a little color to the front corner of the yard (most visible from the street). Hank also put down some new mulch. Drainage is tough in that section, so we're trying to find a way to keep things alive there. At least the mums add some color, and hopefully the asparagus ferns will grow big and fill in that space behind them. 

Before- Empty!
After- Full!

Before- sad, empty flower bed.

After- we have color, and new mulch!

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