Friday, October 5, 2012

Adventures in Kitty Fostering: Making Friends

I've been so lucky with the 3 dogs that I have fostered- they all seemed to fit in at home pretty easily and got along with my other animals. Of course, I'm very careful who I pick to foster, doing my best to identify personalities that are pretty easy going. With Bess and Bernard being my first kitty fosters, I really wasn't sure what to expect. How long should I wait to introduce them to everyone? How much freedom do I give them when out loose with the other animals? Luckily our 2 dogs and 2 cats are pretty pet tolerant, so my worries were less about them, and more about the kitties feeling comfortable and safe.

Well, I only had to worry for about 5 minutes. The initial introductions (done one at a time) resulted in a couple of hisses. Likely because it was the kitties first introduction to other animals. But once Bailey the calico came to see them, they seemed to get that there were good things about these other animals. Bailey will lick them. Katie (the other cat) will play with them, and Maddie (the peekaboo) will chase them all over. Marley could really care less, but the kitties LOVE to play with her tail that seems to be constantly wagging. When the kitties are let loose in the house (only when we're home to chaperone), al kinds of fun happens.

Bess and the cookbooks. She loves to crawl on them and paw at anyone who walks by.

Katie and Bess chilling out on the coffee table.

Kitties on the table!

Bailey and Bernard- she's less than amused by their antics, but at least willing to tolerate them.

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