Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Review

Weekends always seem to go too fast! This past one was fun, and I really wasn't looking forward to the alarm going off this morning. Below is just a summary of some of the things I did over the weekend. Why is it that 2 days never feels like enough time?!

Olympics- Who didn't enjoy the opening ceremonies? I thought it was a fantastic representation of all things British. Yes, it was quirky- and there were a few things that left me scratching my head. But I loved the references to music and literature, and the drum music as they transitioned to the Industrial Era was nothing short of jaw dropping. I had some Facebook friends who just didn't get it, but I enjoyed it and thought it was well done.

Moving- Ater my early Saturday run, I had to go back to my old apartment one last time to finish up the final cleaning. I turn in my keys this week, and I couldn't be more excited about starting this next chapter in my life. It felt a little "Carrie Bradshaw-esque", as there have been so many memories tied to the place I lived for 4 years. (Random fact- that is the longest I have stayed in one place in my adult life.) But I know there are many more great memories to be made as I move on.

Movies and Mexican Food- Saturday afternoon we met up with friends to see Batman. I've seen the first two in the trilogy, and I think this one might have been my favorite. The movie was long, but it was phenomenal. There was plenty of action, along with a lot of twists and turns. It kept my attention the whole time! After the movie we stuffed our faces at Lupe Tortilla. I wrote about it once before, and this was our second visit. The beef fajitas are still utterly amazing. And this coming from a girl who really doesn't eat meat at all.

Cooking marathon- In preparation for my Cookbook Club get together (and trying to prepare healthy lunches for the week), I spent a good part of Sunday in the kitchen. My contribution for the meal was Bacon Blue Cheese eggs, and the piece de resistance- Savory Bread Pudding with Caramelized Onions (from the Egg chapter of the Rhulman's Twenty book.) While egg might have been the focus, the real showcase of the dish were the caramelized onions. Done correctly, you can expect them to take a minimum of 6 hours. I got in just over 4 hours of cooking time, but had to finish putting my dish together. The key is to keep them on low heat, and just let them do their thing. I wish I had taken pictures of the process, but this was all I got....the little bit that was leftover. Had I had a few more hours, they would have been the darker brown color I was shooting for. If you're looking for a impressive brunch dish, I think this one is a winner.

Country french bread, gruyere cheese and caramelized onions make for one wicked dish!!

Decorating- We have lots of plans for things to do with the house, but we're trying to find some small ways to make a big impact for starters. At the suggestion of my talented sister, Hunk painted two niches over the weekend, and I love how they turned out. The mirror is temporary for now, but at least it gives that space a little more "umph". It's hard to tell the color in the picture, but it's a really pretty deep blue. We're looking for a piece of reclaimed wood to use for the mantel (though ultimately we'd like to replace the stone around the fireplace and do it all the way up the wall.)

Kitty entertaining- Katie the formerly feral cat has really been coming out of her shell lately. Now we've got 4 animals all vying for our attention!  Last night she was all about getting up on the couch with us. I had my iPad with me, and decided to pull up a few of the cat games I had recently downloaded (after a recent conversation with a co-worker about how to entertain her new kitten.) My older cat could really care less, but Katie LOVES the iPad games. Last night she scored a game-high 700 points on the Jitterbug game. I might need one of those bumper stickers...  "My cat is smarter than your honor-roll student" (or something like that.) At risk of being the crazy cat lady, I entertained us all by having that available for her. You can check out her youtube video in this link: Katie and the iPad

So there you have it. How I fit all that in just 2 days is beyond me, but that's just how it goes sometimes! Anyone do anything fun this weekend?

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