Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Home for Millie

Yesterday was a bittersweet day. Millie met her potential future family, and they decided that she is a perfect fit for their home. (I agree!) That was the sweet part. The bitter was when I had to take her to the shelter to spend the night so that she could have her spay surgery this morning. It was pure torture kissing that little face goodbye, knowing that she would be scared to death in a kennel overnight.

Luckily, the amazing staff at the shelter scooped her right up and promised that they would hold on to her until they had to leave for the day. At least she would get a little extra attention before going into a kennel for the night. I get to pick her up after work, love on her like crazy tonight, and then take her to her new home tomorrow. Hunk is going with me so that we can say goodbye together, and I know it won't be easy. We have really loved taking care of her this week, but this is what fostering is all about.

A good foster family shows love and attention, teaches the dog new things, and helps socialize them and build their confidence. They also work to find the most perfect home for the dog, and then they have to say goodbye. It's not easy, but I feel really good about giving her a great home instead of having to sit at the shelter until someone decided to adopt her. At least this way I have control over where she goes, and I can rest easy knowing that she's in the best hands.

Her new family includes a co-worker and friend of mine, so we will get updates on how she is doing. They also have two dogs, so Millie will have friends to play with (something that was very important to me). I know once she recovers from her surgery and settles into her new home, she will be more than happy. So goodbye sweet Millie. We'll miss your adorable face and hilarious growly barks, and are so happy that we got to spend a little bit of time with you.

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