Monday, July 2, 2012

Out and About: Annie's Cafe & Bar

This post is about a week late, but last week was end of quarter and there was just no time for blogging.  My sister and a few friends hosted a baby shower for our friend Becky a week ago Saturday. While brunch is a popular meal in Austin, very few places actually serve it on Saturdays. Annie's Cafe & Bar is a rare (yet wonderful) exception. They actually open at 8:30 AM and serve an amazing breakfast/brunch menu, with plenty of sweet and savory options to choose from. I had barely eaten that day and was starving, so I went with the Fried Egg Sandwich, an indulgent combination of fried egg, bacon and white cheddar served on the most delicious sourdough bread. Not the least bit "plant-based" friendly, but absolute heaven in my mouth. I didn't regret one single bite. I think the other girls were pleased with their choices too.

I have been there before for dinner and happy hour, and have really enjoyed both visits. The space is well thought out, and perfect for a social get together, or a romantic date. It has a French Bistro feel to it (minus the squished together banquettes), and I love the simple and elegant design of the space.

On to the shower part of our brunch. Becky has chosen not to find out the sex of her baby (that is control I could never have), but the hostesses chose to play around with the big surprise. Each guest wore either blue or pink depending on what we think she is having. They also made some cute little props for pictures (of which I cannot post until Shanna sends me those pictures, Ahem!) The table decorations were adorable, and I think the whole event turned out perfectly understated (but memorable), just like the hostesses wanted.

Table setting. 

My sister made the little pom poms and fabric pinwheels. They matched the colors from the invitation.

Bunting my sister found on Etsy for the lemon cake I made. 

No games at this shower- just sweet sentiments for the new mom, and a little take home goody for the guests. 

Present pile and baby name options.

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