Monday, July 2, 2012

Make it Sweet: Rolled Buttercream Class

This past Saturday I met my friend Shelly at the Make it Sweet baking supply shop for a Rolled Buttercream class. You might be wondering what in the heck rolled buttercream is. I did too, until I started doing a little googling to get to the bottom of it. If you've ever had a cake with fondant, you know what a rolled icing looks like. It's hard, and doesn't really taste that great. Rolled buttercream is the same idea (decorating the top of a cake with one big sheet of icing), but the taste is better and it's supposed to be easier to work with.

I have never worked with fondant before (other than making some flowers), so I really didn't have a point of reference going into this class. I have, however, tasted it. That stuff is nasty, and leaves me with NO desire to spend the time decorating a cake with something that just doesn't taste good. I don't care how great the final product looks. When Shelly and I decided to take a class, we both wanted to try something that was new to us both, so this seemed like the perfect fit.

The class was a lot of fun (especially doing it with a friend) and I learned a lot. While my cake might not be the prettiest (I had a minor malfunction while outlining a piece of cardboard on the top), I think I can replicate the buttercream at home and give it another go. I like the shininess of the icing, and the taste was so much better! If you've ever wanted to learn more about cake decorating, Make it Sweet has a ton of great classes to choose from. I'll be going back again soon, for sure.

Got all my supplies ready...



The final product after a few 4th of July inspired decorations

Laughing with Shelly right after she smashed icing on her apron, and just before her cake slid off the plate.
Good times!

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