Friday, April 19, 2013

Run/Walk for Boston

Last night the running community of Austin, led by the lovable Gilbert Tuhabonye, gathered together for a vigil in honor of the victims of the Boston bombing. Sadly, the event was also to honor another, much closer to home tragedy- the victims of the West fertilizer plant explosion.

Hank and I both run with the Gilbert's Gazelles group (though I'm currently on hiatus) and they are truly a special group of people. 48 of them, including some of Hank's friends, were up there for the race. Monday was surely stressful, just like it was for everyone else in the world who watched the events unfold. Luckily, all of our friends were ok and made it back to Austin safely. Thursday was also a chance to welcome them home and celebrate all of their hard work that allowed them the chance to run Boston.

Well over 300 people gathered in a parking lot next to the Town Lake trail, shared a moment of silence, said a prayer, and listened to Amazing Grace played out on a bagpipe. We hugged our friends, and embraced the time together. It sounds cheesy, but it was something that I think we all needed to begin the healing process from such a difficult week. Then we all ran or walked the 3 mile loop of the trail, lighting it up with our various glow sticks. It was a beautiful sight to see, and just another reason why I love our city so much.

Friends Mike and Bonnie- Bonnie ran a great race, and made it back home after
being locked out of her hotel for a few days.

Hank didn't pack for the weather, and had to borrow my neon
volunteer shirt to wear so he wouldn't freeze.

David (who came up with the idea) and Gilbert, speaking to the crowd.

Glow sticks!!!

Part of our Gazelle crew.

As the sun went down, our glow sticks went into full effect.

View of downtown Austin, from the spot on the trail where
we'll be getting married in just a few weeks,


  1. Amy, this is so cool. I saw your IG picture of Austin and it is going to be the most beautiful spot for your wedding. I got chills when you talked about Amazing Grace, I know I would have been a crying mess if I had been there. It's so wonderful that y'all honored those people in such a touching way.

    1. Hi Beth. It was pretty emotional, but also comforting to see so many people get together! I wasn't expecting the bagpipe, so yes...tears for sure!