Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Out and About: Walton's Fancy and Staple

It feels like ages ago since I attended this fun baby shower, but better late than never! My sister and a few college friends hosted a lovely "Tea-Party" themed shower for our friend Karolyn at Walton's Fancy and Staple. Owned by none other than Sandra Bullock, it was no surprise that this bakery/deli/floral shop all rolled into one was nothing short of divine. Housed in an old building (circa 1895), the nostalgic feel of the building easily matches the old-fashioned current name. Exposed brick, old beams, and vintage branding all give it a rustic, elegant look that was just perfect for the theme of the party. And since the expected baby was conceived in Ireland, guests were encouraged to wear fascinators to pay homage to their trip. Imagine having a casual brunch and seeing 9 lovely ladies show up looking like this?

Upon arriving, we were seated at a table already set with pedestals of goodies, and flaky quiches at each setting. The food was divine. The quiche was so tasty, and the tea sandwiches, tarts and scones were all so fresh and delicious. It was hard not to eat everything in sight! There was also plenty of champagne, tea, and coffee. With 3 pregnant girls at the table, there had to be options. And leave it to the girls to think of all the details! Even the teacups gave nod to the theme of the shower.

After eating and chatting, it was time to open presents. I usually don't enjoy baby showers, and the present portion is always the worst. But Karolyn got some of the cutest items, and I'm glad that people got creative with fun, memorable items. No one is going to remember who gave you a baby thermometer and lotion. I much prefer creative gifts! Cute onesies and a fabulous ottoman for the nursery were stand out gifts in my opinion!


After all of the gift opening, socializing, game playing and champagne drinking was done, we headed outside for a few pictures. How can you resist photo opps as good as this?

Sister shot. My second little niece/nephew is growing in that cute little belly, and I can't wait to meet it!

So back to Walton's Fancy and Staple, this is the perfect place for all sorts of celebrations, even if it's just stopping in for a casual weekend breakfast. You can pick up some fresh flowers, a few snacks for an impromptu party, or you can have them help you host one there. I was so impressed with this adorable place and I'm looking forward to a breakfast date there soon.

**A big thank you to the wonderful Shanna of Because Shanna Said So for taking such great pictures as always!**

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