Thursday, March 14, 2013

Amy in Austin is Moving!

Exciting news....Amy in Austin is about to move to a new (and improved) blog site. My oh-so-talented Hank has been working to make it look exactly like I want it to, and I will start migrating my more favorite posts to the new blog over the weekend. Once the site is up and fully functional, I will share the new URL with you.

My intent with Amy in Austin was to produce a lifestyle blog that centered around fun things in Austin, and my life as a 30-something living in such a great city. Unlike my original dating blog, I never really felt comfortable or confident with the direction it was going. In fact, it really just felt like it was all over the place at times. I'm hoping that with the new title and format, it will encompass where my life is right now (or about to be)- life as a wife, mother to a ridiculous amount of animals, a novice baker and an occasional fitness enthusiast (I'm working to get back on track in that department).

I still plan to review fun places we go or things we do, but with the intent to make it a little more about "us", and not just about me. Both of us will have the chance to contribute to it, and I hope that friends and family will enjoy staying up to date on our sometimes mundane life. Animal stories, home improvement projects, lunch box ideas and the crazy foods that I subject Hank to on occasion. We'll hopefully have more travel stories, and who knows....there may one day be talk of a 2-legged child. I've virtually "met" some really fun people as a result of blogging, and I hope you will continue to follow me on a yet another new (but really exciting) adventure.

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