Monday, December 31, 2012

I Said Yes!

What a fun, special, WONDERFUL holiday it was! I have good stories and pictures to tell from my birthday and Christmas, but I wanted to share the biggest news first. Hank asked me to marry him on December 28th, and of course I said yes!

After a broken tooth issue put a snafu in his plans to speak with both of my parents, he was able to pull my dad aside on Christmas Day to get my parent's blessing. I'll be honest, I've thought it would happen for about the past month, and was starting to get a little perturbed that it had not. All I asked was that he was able to surprise me, and that he did!

We packed up the car the day after Christmas to drive to his parent's house in Oklahoma. After celebrating with his family on Thursday, he convinced me to have a little date night on Friday. I argued with him because we were there to spend time with his family, not each other. He won though, and we went for a late afternoon coffee downtown, and then the most adorable little restaurant called Stella. If you click on the website, the first picture in the top right corner shows a banquette. We were seated at the very end, right against the wall.

Scott was our server, and he couldn't have been any nicer to us. The food was amazing, and the atmosphere was so chic and pretty. It was the perfect spot! Hank steered the conversation towards us, and all I really remember him saying was that everything so far had led up to this moment, and the next thing I knew he was coming around the table and getting down on one knee. I'm pretty sure he told me he loved me, and asked me to marry him- and obviously I said yes! Scott came by to check on us, having no clue what had just happened. He asked if everything was ok, and I said it was even better as I flashed my ring. He was so excited, and ended up having the owner of the restaurant stop by to say hello. They had never had an engagement take place there, and were thrilled to be part of it.

They sent dessert to the table, and we toasted with a glass of Prosecco before heading back to celebrate with his family. It was a special night for sure!!! We got back to Austin last night and were able to have a nice dinner with my parents and toast with them as well. It will be a fun and exciting few months as we plan an intimate spring wedding, and I'm looking forward to all the great things to come for all the years after that.

For all my friends who followed my old blog, and know of my stories of heartbreak, frustration, and unfortunate dating decisions, just know it's possible for a happy ending! I've waited a long time for this, and couldn't be more thrilled to have found such a loving and caring man.

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