Monday, December 10, 2012

When it rains, it pours...

They say that bad things happen in 3's, right? In the scheme of things, I guess our trio of bad things could have been worse. But I'm hoping this is the last of it for a bit (at least until after our big trip)!

It started on Friday, when Hank's car wouldn't start. I went to pick him up at the store that he was stuck at, and luckily it started and he was able to get home. But he dropped it off at the shop this morning, and fingers crossed that it isn't something too expensive.

Then yesterday morning, Maddie (the Peekapoo) was acting funny, and it looked like she might have hurt her leg somehow. She wouldn't get on or off the bed herself, so Hank went to pick her up so she could go outside. He must have grabbed right where it hurt, because she yelped and then bit him on the face. Ouch! She wasn't doing it to be mean (we think), but she hurt and lashed out and he happened to be the unfortunate victim. Maddie is known for being a bit of a drama queen, so we decided to administer some doggie aspirin and she how she was feeling today. Our theory is that she got into a tangle with one of the cats, got her butt kicked, and her ego was suffering more than anything. She appears to be on the mend, and back to her usual bossy self.

After the biting incident, Hank went outside to do some yardwork. I opened the garage door to ask him something, and we both watched (in horror) as the shelving unit that was attached to the wall, with ALL of his tools, yard stuff, etc....detached and went crashing down onto the garage floor. Stuff spewed EVERYWHERE. At least Hank, and his car, were not harmed in the process. But we both just looked down at the mess and started to laugh. I mean seriously, WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG?!?!

I put my work clothes on and went out to help him untangle the mess. The only good thing that came of it was that we got a new shelving unit (one that stands on the ground), and after a few hours he had everything organized and looking even better than before. Bless his heart!!! Again- I realize all of these are first world problems. But I love the month of December, and want it to be a good, FUN month. Save the headaches for January, please!

Where the shelves used to be, just above the ladder.

Where the shelves (and stuff) ended up. And yes, that is anti-freeze leaking on the floor.

After a trip to Home Depot and a little hard work, his stuff was nice and organized!

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