Thursday, January 3, 2013

December Holidays 2012

So much happened towards the end of the year, and all of it was fun. Rather than giving a drawn out recap of everything I did, I'll just share some of my favorite pictures.

Trail of Lights returned from a 2 year hiatus. We met my sister and her husband and took turns pulling my niece around the trail. It was cold, and it was awesome!

Joint brother/sister birthday celebration at Matt's El Rancho, followed by cookie decorating the next morning. It was Hank's first year to join and I have to say I'm impressed by his efforts.

Georgia was so excited to get her face painted. 
Blake turned 30 this year, and I'm creeping closer and closer to 40.
Wearing my awesome new scarf from brother and sis-in-law.

An assortment of cookies.

A friend got us "Ninjabread" cookie cutters- and they ended up being my favorite!

Christmas rolled around, and we celebrated with my family in Austin before packing up the car and heading to Oklahoma for a few days with Hank's family.
Christmas Eve service with my parents at Riverbend Church
Georgia rounding the corner at my parent's house on Christmas morning. She was only grumpy until she saw her first big gift.....

A Barbie Cruise Ship!!! Complete with a swimming pool with dolphin fountain. She loved it!

It's tradition for me to make my brother's birthday cake for Christmas night- this year I made an oil derrick cake in honor of a recent job transition.

Katie realized something was up, and was not too happy that we left her alone for 4 days. 

Sleepy pups on the drive up to OKC.
We woke up on Thursday morning to snow. It was beautiful.

Marley was like a new dog playing around in the snow.

A few generations of Holland boys, engrossed in a chick flick.

Engagement night at Stellas.

 We finished off the year by celebrating with a few friends on New Year's Eve, and are now looking forward to a relaxing beach vacation in just a few weeks. Happy 2013!

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