Monday, September 17, 2012

Out and About: Hugo's Restaurant and Tequila Bar

Saturday was an eventful day, and luckily the weather cooperated so I could get all my things done. The morning started with a successful garage sale (we're working on redecorating the bedroom, so all funds are going to the many purchases associated with that). Next, hair cut and color. And then we went on to House Wine to celebrate one successful year for the Hard Luck Hounds group at the city shelter where I volunteer.

House Wine is one of my favorite "let's grab a drink" locations, as the outside patio area is cute and cozy. They have also been more than generous in hosting fundraising happy hours for this amazing volunteer-led group. Hard Luck Hounds has been instrumental in helping Austin maintain it's no-kill status, and they focus on saving the last 10%- the dogs that just need a little extra attention. There was a great turn-out, live music, and plenty of cute dogs to keep everyone entertained. So happy to see all the great things that have come from volunteers who decided to go the extra mile!

**Disclaimer- My hair stylist decided I needed a "sassier" look since I would be going out that evening. Judging from this picture, it's not my best look. Hair is back to my usual side part now!

After the event, we decided to walk over to Hugo's for dinner. Hank had a few restaurant options in mind, but we were waiting to see what the weather did before deciding to eat inside or out. Hugo's was right around the corner, and had been on our radar for awhile, so we decided to give it a try. We walked in and were slightly surprised to see that there were only about 3 tables full, and just a few people at the bar. For a Saturday, one would think it would be busier. But the UT game was on at the same time, so it's possible that had an effect on the crowd.

Speaking of the bar....that was my favorite part of the layout of the restaurant. It easily takes up almost half of the restaurant space, and looks like it would be a fun place to grab a drink before heading on to other things. They infuse tequila with a variety of ingredients, and based on the JalapeƱo Hibiscus Martini that I had, I'm sure their infusions are delicious.

On to the food- our server was delightful, first of all. She told us about the special, and then informed us that due to a menu transition, they were out of several things. Hank thinks this is a sign that the restaurant isn't doing too well. It's possible they follow the seasonal trend that so many other restaurants in Austin do, but I guess time will tell if they are able to stick it out. But the good news is that the food was delicious!! We started off with guacamole and chips/salsa. The salsa had a smoky-sweet taste to it, and I really enjoyed it. Hank ordered Shrimp and Sweet Corn and Poblano Cheese Grits and I swear I saw him use his finger to lick off every last bit from the plate (not really, but there was hardly a single grain left). The grits really were amazing!!

I wanted the veggie enchiladas special, but the filling was pre-mixed with mushrooms (which I abhor), so I ended up ordering the tostadas with seasonal veggies. All of the ingredients were fresh and very flavorful, and I cleaned my plate as well. We were too stuffed for dessert, but I would gladly go back for the food. The atmosphere isn't as "fun" as some of the other tex-mex restaurants we like, but I was really impressed with the food and drinks. The location is close enough to downtown, making it easy to grab dinner before heading to a show. I definitely recommend giving it a try.

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