Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 3: Vacation More

So far my year of healthy living has kicked off by vowing to take better care of my skin (damn those wrinkles) and to regularly take my vitamins. Week 3 is by far my favorite- vacationing!

I've always held true to the belief that everyone should take two trips a year (if fiscally possible). One for adventure and one almost purely for relaxation. You can certainly accomplish both things with one trip, but I love the idea of resting and recharging all by itself.

I'm extremely lucky in that my hard work this past year earned me an all-expense paid trip to paradise. Otherwise known as Oahu, Hawaii. I was able to invite a guest, and my sister was the lucky recipient of that invitation. You might wonder why I didn't bring Hunk- the timing of our relationship was definitely an issue. But I had already extended the invite to my sis, and I'm so glad I did. We both deserved a week of this and we've had a great time. Hawaii will still be here should Hunk and I decide to return.

Due to the fact that the trip was mostly organized by a corporate team, it has been a mix of activities. I'll do a whole recap when I'm home and can include links and more details. But today, I'm enjoying the essence of rest and relaxation from a blue and white striped cabana on the beach. I've taken a nap, read a little bit, and am soaking up some sun (no worries, I have on SPF 45 and my face is covered). It's the perfect way to wrap up an amazing vacation, and to gear up for working even harder this year so that I can enjoy another week of relaxation in Nevis next year.


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