Friday, January 6, 2012

Knee Injury Update

My first half-marathon is only 3 short weeks away, and I'm still hoping for a tiny miracle that I will be in good shape to run it. I took a couple of weeks off, but the knee still wasn't getting much better. I knew I needed to take action.  The Friday before Christmas, I drove down to San Marcos to visit Core Running so that I could at least get a much needed new pair of shoes. Hunk is good friends with the owner, and swears that he is the best "fitter" in Austin. No doubt about that! He was very thorough in analyzing my feet, and set me up in a great new pair of Asics 2160. They are gorgeous, and so so comfortable. However, it was his advice to go visit the guys at Austin Sports Therapy that was probably the most helpful. He swears by their magic ART treatments, so I decided to give it a shot.

I have now been to see them 3 times, and my knee is already worlds better. It's not totally pain free yet, but I was able to churn out 3 easy runs this week without it hurting that much. The real test will be my first long run tomorrow in over 3 weeks. According to my training plan, I'm supposed to do 10-13 miles. However, I came to an agreement with the doc that I would only do 7 (dependent upon how my knee feels, of course). I have to say I'm a little bit nervous, but also really ready to get back out there with the group.

Fingers crossed that it holds up! I've been spending time on my bike to try and keep up with cardio, doing lots of hip strengthening exercises, and getting some serious quality time in with my foam roller. That will continue all the way up to the big day. Hopefully it pays off and makes tomorrow a success!

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