Thursday, February 14, 2013

Puppy Love

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! I know the holiday isn't for everyone, but it's always been a fun one for me. My mom always made a big deal about it growing up, and every year I looked forward to making my Valentine's Box (or bag) at school to collect all the cards from my classmates. Even when I was a teacher, I loved making the day special for my students. It's not all about mushy love for just one specific person, but sharing love to all those you care about. Cheesy? Yes! Likely made up by a greeting card company? Sure. But I still think it's fun to find ways to show people you care about them.

Of course, I do happen to have one very special person in my life. He shows how much he loves me any day of the year, but I appreciate the fact that he's willing also to indulge me on a holiday that I love. Last year he surprised me at work with chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite- and way better than flowers!) And this year he did it again, a tradition that I hope will continue throughout the years. He also included a really sweet card that had the absolute perfect message for this time in our lives. On the inside it says "I can't wait for our happily-ever-after!", and I couldn't agree more. It was sweet and thoughtful, and very much appreciated.

Tonight we will forgo the circus that is the Valentine restaurant crowd, and instead we're catching a chick-flick and dinner at the Moviehouse Eatery I've blogged about before. Yes, Hank is pretending to like Nicholas Sparks just long enough to watch his latest book-turned-movie, Safe Haven. I read it on our trip, and I'm looking forward to seeing the movie tonight.

XOXO to all my friends!

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