Sunday, January 13, 2013

Out and About: Galaxy Moviehouse & Eatery

I've been meaning to write about this new movie theatre that recently opened just a few minutes from our house off north 620. We first went about a month ago to see Lincoln, and again last night to see Jack Reacher (great movie, by the way). The Moviehouse & Eatery has both regular theaters, and the eat-in kind (duh). It's very similar to my beloved Alamo Drafthouse, but much nicer as the seats are plush leather and recline at the touch of a button. There is also plenty of leg room, and nice little tables that rotate in front of each chair. Unlike the similarly designed iPic Theaters, with comparable seats priced at $29, the tickets at The Moviehouse are only $12. Food and drink pricing is also fairly reasonable, with most entrees maxing out at $12.

About one minute into our first visit, we vowed to never watch a movie anywhere else. It was just too comfortable, the service too nice, and the overall experience so pleasant. Combining dinner and a movie into one experience is one of our favorite date nights. However, we had been wanting to see Silver Linings Playbook (a fantastic movie!), and it was only showing at select theaters. So off to the regular place we went, and we could not have been more disappointed. Crowded, chatty, and too warm inside- we vowed again to never see another movie outside of Moviehouse. The second we reclined into our seats last night, I knew that this time, we would stick to that vow.

Three movies in as many months is a record for us- we just don't go to the movies that often. But I absolutely loved Silver Linings Playbook, and was pleasantly surprised by Jack Reacher. I'm not a big Tom Cruise fan, but he toned it down and really put out a great action film. I would be remiss to not give serious kudos to Bradley Cooper though, and believe his Best Actor Oscar Nomination is well deserved. We all know he's brilliant to look at, and still is even though his character was all kinds-of crazy. His acting was incredible the entire movie was just awesome. Quirky, lovable and awesome.

Any great movies that you have seen recently that we should add to our list?

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