Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lunch in a Box: Black Bean Burger Sandwich

This is a classic go-to for when a) I don't have any good leftovers to use and b) I don't have much time to pack a lunch. I almost always have a loaf of Central Market's Sprouted 9-Grain bread, and a package of Morningstar Black Bean Burgers, in my freezer for this very reason.

Today, I threw in two slices of bread and a wrapped up burger, along with a side of pre-made hummus (I really love the Sabra brand, and the locally made Grandma's Hummus) and some chopped up veggies to add to my sandwich. I'm lucky enough to have access to both a toaster and a microwave at work, making for a nice toasty sandwich come lunch time. Since I have a ginormous batch of Tabbouleh that I made on Sunday, I added that as well. (I'll probably be eating that every day this week!) For dessert, I threw in an orange

Other variations to the sandwich include adding spinach/tomatoes/roasted peppers/whatever other veggies you have on hand. I have also used homemade hummus before (we make it without oil- less fat!!!) as well as a kale butter (recipe below) that we often make. Whatever you have in the fridge will work just fine.

Recipe for Kale Butter (adapted from the Engine 2 book):

one bunch of kale (it's only 88¢ at the store)
1/2 water and/or vegetable broth (I use a mix of both for flavor)
red pepper flakes *optional, but I like it with a little bit of a kick
1/2 clove finely chopped garlic *optional, but again- I think it enhances the flavor
1/4 cup nuts *optional (toasted walnuts, almonds and pine nuts work well)
salt to taste

Remove kale from stems and coarsely chop. Steam.
Add steamed kale, seasonings and just a little bit of liquid (start with a 1/4 cup) to a food processor or blender. Mix until kale is fully chopped (should have almost a pesto-like texture). Add liquid in small amounts as needed. This makes a great spread for wraps/sandwiches and also a dip for veggies and pretzels. You can even mix in a little bit of no-fat greek yogurt if you like a creamier texture.

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