Monday, May 13, 2013

Wedding Ceremony

Our entire wedding day was absolute perfection. When we started thinking about what we really wanted for our special day, the most important things were that it be meaningful, intimate, and very "Austin". We got exactly those things, and so much more! 

The day started off with hair and makeup at the Hyatt, where I had spent the night with girlfriends. The amazingly talented Nancy (owner of The Hills Salon & Spa) paid us an early morning visit and made my hair and makeup look beautiful. My parents and sister in law joined us at the hotel to help me finish getting ready, and then I rode with them to the ceremony site. My sister and two girlfriends Jackie and Allison were a huge help by leaving early to check on the reception site to make sure everything had been delivered and set-up. Could not have made the day without their help!

A beautiful Austin morning. We were so lucky with how nice the weather was.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
Nancy B making me look fabulous.
The dress!
Mom helping get the flower on my dress.
Riding the elevator down, and I swear it stopped on every floor.
Carrying my Nana's purse- so glad to have a part of her with me on such a special day.

After making our way to Zilker Park, my dad and I hopped on the pedicab and rode up to Lou Neff Point. We picked this spot for several reasons- it's beautiful, it's where my grandfather used to take me to feed the ducks as a kid, and it's also a spot that Hank and I run by just about every week. It overlooks downtown, and it has that intimate feel that we wanted. It's also a public space that cannot be rented, so we knew we ran the risk of having anything come up that could interfere with the ceremony.

We were in luck though. Hank got down there early, and with the help of my brother and the pedicab, they transported a few chairs and flowers to the spot and got everything set up. I knew the people of Austin would be kind enough to allow us time to get married there without much fuss, and they did not disappoint. Sure- we had plenty of spectators, but who can blame them? I would have stopped if I had seen a wedding going on as well. It was fun riding on the trail and hearing "Oh look- it's a bride!" as we passed by all the runners and walkers.

My adorable niece Georgia met us just outside the point (I was hidden out of Hank's sight) and she made her way up the aisle to kick off the ceremony. There was also a guitar player singing "Can't Help Falling in Love" as I walked towards Hank. The second that I locked eyes with him, I just about lost it. I tried so hard not to cry, but only succeeded in a partial ugly-cry face. My lips kept quivering and my eyes were all teary. There's just no way to describe that moment when you see the man you are about to make such a big commitment to. It was wonderful!

My brother Blake performed the ceremony, and every little bit of it was so personal. We wanted someone who really knew us, and were so glad that he accepted our request to get ordained online so he could perform the ceremony. We worked on the ceremony together, but he had a section for the things that he wanted to say to us as a couple. My favorite part was lyrics he incorporated from the Coldplay song "Strawberry Swing" (so appropriate given how much we love them).

The sky could be blue, could be gray
Without you I just slide away
The sky could be blue, I don't mind
Without you it's a waste of time
It's such a perfect day

One of the funniest memories of the ceremony is when I noticed that everyone was still standing after we had said a prayer and Blake had started his section of the ceremony. I finally whispered to Blake to tell everyone to sit down, and then laughed at our audience, telling them they were making me nervous. I think they were thankful that I noticed though!

After Blake's part, Hank and I each read our own vows to each other. We had no idea what the other would say, but I loved how they balanced the other out. We each referenced similar things, but also had our own unique promises to the other. Then we exchanged rings, and before we knew it, Blake was announcing us husband and wife. As soon as the ceremony was over, we walked towards the water to feed the ducks and to mingle with our friends and family. My aunt had made the most adorable duck food bags to coordinate with our black, yellow and white theme, and we had fun grabbing those and feeding the ducks and pigeons who swam up to grab some snacks.

Sign pointing towards the ceremony.
Hank making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be.
The view from Lou Neff Point.
Georgia being silly before the ceremony.
Walking to the ceremony.
Saying a prayer.
Reading our vows to each other. 

First Kiss!

My fabulous photographer is still working on editing and uploading most of the family pictures, but these are a few of my favorite images from after the ceremony.

Georgia and her flowers.
Hugging Georgia after the ceremony.
My new lovely in-laws.
One of my dearest friends flew all the way down from Connecticut just for the wedding! 
My parents.
Duck food bags.
Can't hit the trail without our matching yellow running shoes.


  1. This sounds so fun and meaningful, Amy, and I love that you found a fellow animal lover with whom to share life! As a veteran bridesmaid (I'm more than halfway to 27 dresses), the ceremonies that have taken place in a location meaningful to the couple always give me the most verklempt-ness ;)

  2. Best wishes to both of you! I could feel your happiness just by reading this post. I saw your wedding reception entry too; it's perfect! Have a happy married life, Amy! Not everyone finds and marry the love of their life! =)
    Libby Duppstadt @

  3. Hi Amy! I loved reading this post and looking at all your beautiful wedding pictures. My fiancee and I are looking for a wedding venue for next year and stumbled on this spot while running on the trail. We have been researching tons of venues in Austin and this one just struck us as finally being exactly what we were looking for! I would really love to chat with you about your experiences on the day of just figuring out logistics. I know that might be a weird request but I am sure you may have some tips and lessons learned that would go far as we try to make this happen for our happy day as well! My email is If you dont mind I would really appreciate a quick conversation through email about your experience. Thanks very much!

    Maggie Hauer

  4. Firstly best wishes to all newly married couples.This post is too tent rental san marcos

  5. Amy, I love Lou Neff Point and was so happy to see that you got married there. I've always dreamed of getting married there but didn't think it would be possible. Were you able to reserve the spot, or did you get there early to "claim" it for a few hours?

    1. hello! Since it's a public spot, there is no way to reserve it unfortunately. We just scoured every possible event calendar to make sure our date didn't conflict with a big event (Spring is especially tricky). My husband and a few friends go to the park about an hour early to meet the pedicab driver and get a few chairs down there. I asked guest to arrive 20-30 min early so they could congregate in the spot, and had an acoustic guitar player there to keep them entertained. Everyone on the trail was really respectful and allowed us to have the ceremony without any interruptions. If you choose to use the spot, just be prepared for anything to happen. We knew we would be married one way or another, and tried to keep a flexible mindset around that. Good luck!