Wednesday, May 29, 2013

INSTA+LATELY {link up}

I'm back for another Instalately link-up with Jenn. Our life lately has revolved around animals, food and home improvement projects. Nothing wildly exciting since the wedding, but we're perfectly alright with slowing down a bit!

Our animal herd

*We celebrated Maddie's birthday (and Marley's belated birthday) with a doggie cake from Bentley's Biscuits and Bones. All of the girls loved it! We've been feeling guilty about all the attention Brees gets, so it was a fun way to celebrate Maddie and Marley!
*Brees got her very own Saints jersey, and we hope she'll still fit into it come football season.
*Cat stand-off over the favorite chair. They love to fight over this spot.
*Brees and Marley after a long morning walk. They play hard, they sleep hard.

Healthy meals

*Back on the healthy lunch train with Curried Chicken Salad (made with non-fat greek yogurt!)
*Farmer's Market dinner with locally grown kale and brussels sprouts.
*Another healthy (low-carb) lunch with a frittata and salad.
*Biggest news- I ate chicken! Baked chicken strips with honey mustard dipping sauce. 

*Hank put together a new picnic table/umbrella for our patio and we hosted our first outdoor dinner.
*We finally have things growing in our yard! The top is a bell pepper that will eventually be red if it makes it, and the bottom is a golden cherry tomato. The plant has produced 2 so far. Hoping the dogs leave them alone this season so that we can actually enjoy some fresh produce from our own yard. 

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