Thursday, June 21, 2012

Furry Friends

It's a little bit like the Brady Bunch: Animal Edition when it comes to combining our households. Hunk brings two dogs to the picture, and I bring two cats... all females!! Lucky for us, everyone seems to be getting along ok. The line-up includes:

Bailey the Alpha Calico Cat (age guestimate- 14)
Marley the Wonder Beagle (age- 10)
Maddie the Mischievous Peekapoo (age- 6)
Katie the Shy-Formerly-Feral Cat (age guestimate- 4)

Bailey and Marley pretty much rule the roost, but we'll pretend that Bailey is the only one in charge. She likes it that way. And as long as Marley is getting treats or food hand-outs, she doesn't care what is going on. Maddie is a little perplexed by her new feline friends. She seems to respect that Bailey is the boss, but she's having a ton of fun tormenting Katie. It appears that no one puts Katie in a corner though, and she seems to be fending for herself just fine. Content to find things to sit under, she prefers to watch life from a distance. She also enjoys watching the outside from her new window perch. That is, until Maddie starts tormenting again. Fortunately, neither of the cats have figured out the doggie door and everyone has stayed in one piece.

Marley "Just Give Me a Treat"
Maddie and Bailey getting to know each other
Katie "I Can Nap Just About Anywhere"

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