Monday, April 9, 2012

Sock Bun Fail

I saw a funny saying (that of course I pinned) that said "Being successful is getting paid for doing what you really love. But I have yet to find someone to pay me for drinking wine and browsing Pinterest." Isn't that the truth? Pinterest is home to such lovely little things. But I'm often given false hope that by the simple act of "pinning" an idea, I'll be able to fully execute it myself. Case in point: the sock bun. Have you seen all the adorable pictures of perfectly fussy, buxom buns perfectly perched on these cute little heads?

Well, I did- and I couldn't resist trying it. Surely the secret for a voluminous bun lied in the simple cutting of a sock. Even the pages that promised us fine-haired girls could pull it off lured me into believing it was true. Well, sorry to break it to you.....but they're lies. Lies, lies, lies!!! I cut off the last yucky pair of socks I own, followed the instructions to a T, and was left with this:

Sock bun in the front

Just plain sock in the back

Am I missing a step? I tried it again where I just put the sock at the base of my head, and then wrapped the hair around it, tucking in the ends underneath. I was slightly more successful that way, but there was still way too much of the sock sticking out. Ho-hum. Guess it wasn't meant to be!


  1. I did it and it worked pretty well! Did you roll the sock down? I think I posted a youtube video of it on my blog that I followed. It was kinda tricky the first time, but I think I've got it down. My hair is pretty long and thick, so that may make it easier...

  2. You have such pretty, thick hair Sarah- I'm sure this looks fantastic on you. I tried rolling it down, but there just isn't enough hair to go all the way around the sock, and it's so fine that it keeps slipping up. :(

  3. =( There's another method I saw on Pinterest where you tuck your hair into one of those bands that goes around your head. That may work better since your hair is shorter? I'll see if I can find it and email it to you!

  4. I just picked myself off of the floor from laughing so hard that, well....
    Sweet darling daughter Amy, you do have to have some thick hair to cover a sock that would fit your foot. Maybe if you tried a child's sock?!

  5. I can't perfect it either! Joy's turned out so freaking cute! I am not giving up. I will figure it out one day! This post cracked me up!!