Monday, April 9, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

Is this thing still on? Glad Blogger doesn't shut it down after a period of inactivity. The good news is...I'm back!!! They say Easter is a day of renewal, and after 6 weeks of eating plants/beans/grains, I definitely feel renewed (and more ready than ever to eat some cheese!!!) I learned a lot during our Lent-inspired Plant Based Eating, and look forward to keeping up a healthier diet. But moderation is key, and I cannot wait to at least resume a more social schedule that includes the occasional delicious meal.

Hunk and I ended our "Jesus fast" (as a good friend jokingly referred to it) Friday night with pizza from Home Slice- possibly my favorite pizza place in Austin. We didn't have meat on it, but we did have some gooey, stringy cheese with roasted red peppers and spinach. It was amazing, at least at that moment. On Saturday morning, when we were both doing our respective long runs, it didn't feel quite so good. Lesson learned. But over the course of the weekend as we celebrated with family, we indulged in a variety of tasty food, and my stomach seemed to come out mostly unscathed.

It was a beautiful weekend and a great two days spent with my wonderful family. We made the traditional bunny cake (my niece Georgia did her best to help- mostly by consuming all the extra candy we used to decorate.) My mom fixed appetizers and dinner that we enjoyed on the patio Saturday night, and then Church/Brunch/Egg Hunting on Sunday. Hunk joked with my mom that I'm going to have to do some training next year prior to the egg hunt. He was thoroughly disappointed in my ability to find the good eggs. My brother ended up the big winner this year, finding both of the big prize eggs. It all went by way too fast, but everyone had a good time.

My mom saw this idea on Pinterest, and executed it even better than the original.

G says "Happy Easter!"

Table set for brunch.

Amy and Hunk

"Hunting" for eggs.

Another highlight of the weekend- getting my Fantasy Football trophy with my team name engraved on the side.

These next few weeks are busy with house-sitting, garage sailing and evening my first trip to Oklahoma (to meet Hunk's family). But I'm hoping to make time to blog once or twice a week while still finding time to enjoy all the fun things there are to do in Austin this time of year.

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